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Specialists in Pediatric Ophthalmology

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Dra. Martha Beatriz Montenegro Otálora


Pediatric Ophthalmology , Vision Surgery , Lazy eye (amblyopia) , Squint , Conjunctivitis , Problem Child refractive


Dra. Adriana Reinoso Suárez


Pediatric Ophthalmology , Pterygium and pinguecula , Previous Segment of the Eye, , Laser Refractive Surgery , Keratoconus


Dr. Agustín Mozo Cueto


Pediatric Ophthalmology , Squint , Waterfalls , Pterygium and pinguecula ,


Dr. Giovanni Castaño Robayo

Pediatric Ophthalmology , Retinopathy of Prematurity, Lazy eye (amblyopia) , Eye Infections, Squint ,


Dra. Beatriz Donado Acosta

Pediatric Ophthalmology , Squint ,


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