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Dra. Jeimmy Katherine Martínez Serna

Dietitian & Nutritionist in

Dra. Jeimmy Katherine Martínez Serna areas of expertise:

Professional statement

Nutritionist and Dietitian Jeimmy Katherine Martínez Serna is an expert in Infant Feeding , Carbohydrate Counts , Allergy , Ketogenic Diet , Short Bowel Syndrome in Children and Childhood Obesity, among others.

He has extensive experience and currently provides consultation at the Santa Ana Medical Center . He trained as a Dietitian Nutritionist at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana , same institution where he did a Diploma in Inborn Errors of Small Molecule Metabolism.

Due to her background and experience, Dr. Martinez Serna is recognized as one of the best specialists in Nutrition and Dietetics in Bogotá , Colombia .

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