Facial Reconstruction

Specialty of Plastic surgery

The microsurgical facial reconstruction surgery encompasses various techniques applied both in the treatment of pathologies such as congenital of acquired diseases or sequelae of trauma that caused the loss of part of the structure of the face or its functionality. Among the congenital pathologies that can be solved, are remarkable different types of facial paralysis and atrophy, which prevents adequate mobility of the muscles and structures of the jaw and / or eyes, also the facial expressions (eg Syndrome Parry- Romberg, the Moebius or Binder, etc.). Face handles replacing microsurgery facial areas affected and recover both its appearance and injuries that hinder its functionality through individualized tissue transplants, muscle and nerve grafting techniques. Currently, advanced microscopic techniques tissue transplants allow the patient's face reconstruction successfully even involve great complexity, given the characteristics of this area of ​​the human anatomy. Therefore, depending on the case several surgical interventions phases may be necessary to achieve completely solve the pathology of the patient.
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