Specialty of Ophthalmology

Keratoconus is a variation of the conical shaped cornea caused by an alternation of the internal structure of the corneal tissue. Besides being a condition that changes the appearance of the eye, causing poor vision, as it is usually accompanied by a high astigmatism, blurry or distorted vision. Alteration of collagen fibers contained within the cornea is responsible for the evolution of keratoconus, for which there are several treatments. On one hand, it can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, but it is also possible to implant intracorneal ring by a very safe surgical procedure that modifies the corneal curvature. Another treatment is the most commonly used crosslinking, a technique for the application of rivoflavina- substance that sensitizes the collagenous and preventing the rise of keratoconus. Finally, for the more severe stages of the disease, the only solution is corneal transplantation.
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