Scar revision

Specialty of Dermatology

The scars are the result of a process of recovery of the skin after suffering an aggression. The aggressions can be external (traumatic or surgical interventions) or caused by diseases or inflammatory processes such as acne. Usually the healing process ends with an imperceptible recovery of damaged skin. But at other times, visible signs can persist that make these scars unsightly. Most of these scars can be corrected. In those that predominate the changes of coloration can be used different types of light and laser to correct them. In case they are raised, the combination of steroid infiltrations and exposure to subablative lasers or light sources may help to flatten them. Those with an irregular texture can be corrected with ablative lasers and, if on the contrary, they are very deep or with a great loss of volume, a surgical correction or the filling with hyaluronic acid will be used.

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