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Abdominal Marking

Plastic surgery

Abdominal marking consists of getting the skin to adhere to the abdominal wall, making it possible to visualize each muscular structure of the treated area. In this way it is possible to give an athletic aspect to the body highlighting the shapes of the rectus abdominus and oblique muscles.

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Abnormal Uterine Hemorrhage

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Abnormal Uterine Hemorrhage can be caused by the presence of Cancer or hormonal variations. This type of bleeding is more abundant than usual and may occur at random.

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Abscesses and boils


Phlegmon or abscess is an accumulation of pus caused by bacterial infection of the root of a tooth. The origin of the abscess or phlegmon may be different: in a cavity, which has infected the interior of the tooth, the nerve root and even bone;or periodontal disease has caused the movement of the teeth. The most common symptoms are producing a phlegmon: severe pain in the affected area difficult chewing, sensitive teeth, bitter taste, bad breath, fever and swelling of the glands in the neck,...

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Achalasia occurs at the point where the stomach and esophagus meet, this sphincter opens so that the food can pass. People who suffer a malfunction of this organ, reduce its peristaltic function.

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Orthopaedic Surgery

Tendonitis Aquileia ( Achilles Tendon ) is the most frequent of ankle tendinitis. This tendon connects the calf muscles (gastrocnemius ) to the heel bone. Da pain in the back of the calf to the heel. It is appropriate to use heel download for recovery.

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Achondroplasia is a disorder of bone growth that represents the most common cause of dwarfism. Achondroplasia generates a morphological alteration ( formation and growth) in the bones which causes numerous complications. The main symptoms are arched feet, decreased muscle tone and a prominent forehead marked difference in the size of the head in relation to the body, among others.

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Acne is a skin condition that can occur at any age and involves inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Usually it appears on the face but can also occur in neck and back, causing aesthetic problems for people who suffer. The symptoms are pimples on the face reddish (known as papules), pustules or grains of whitish color, blackheads, pimples and even small cysts. It is important to diagnose the type of acne and the most appropriate treatment as appropriate: to eliminate mild...

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Acquired brain injury


The Acquired Brain Damage refers to the lesion, usually sudden, brain structures. The main forms of pathology are stroke ( CVA) or stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI ). Strokes involving the interruption of blood flow to a region of the brain, causing ischemia and loss of function that is responsible for the affected brain region. The TEC is a type of brain lesions forming a cerebral edema and this results in a loss of consciousness.

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Acupuncture is a treatment that is performed by inserting fine needles into energetic points of the body for therapeutic purposes to correct energy imbalances or blood flows that in many cases are causing a disease. It is also used for the relief of pain and imbalances related to the musculoskeletal, respiratory, gastrointestinal and neural systems as well as to obtain physical and mental relaxation and tension. This type of treatment comes from traditional Chinese medicine and in...

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Acute Ischemia

Vascular Surgery

Acute ischemia is the diminution or suppression of blood supply in an area or organ of the body. The causes may be varied: external to the vessel, by compression, tumors, scars, etc;or internal, such as thickening of the vessel wall by a chronic inflammation, tumor, thrombus... Anyway, the three most important causes of this clinical picture are thrombosis, strokes and injuries. Clinically, manifested by a sudden and intense pain that does not respond to normal painkillers. It most often occurs...

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