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Innova Armonía Dental

Bucaramanga, Bucaramanga
Cra. 24 No. 154 – 106, Torre A, Piso 2, Módulo 5, Consultorio 210

The clinic specialises in:

  • Dentistry

What makes this medical centre first class

Innova Dental Harmony specializes in Oral Rehabilitation, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics and Oral Surgery , among other treatments. The center's mission is to offer accessible Rehabilitation treatments and accessible dental aesthetics .

In Innova Dental Harmony , the patient's case is studied and an accessible treatment is offered that meets their expectations. Thanks to the specialists who collaborate in the procedures, Innova Armonía Dental is a leading center in Bucaramanga, Colombia .

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 Top Doctors of the centre

Experts available in:

Other information:

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