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Dr. Andrés Felipe Acevedo Betancur

Surgery of hiatal hernia , Surgery of the inguinal hernia , Surgery for umbilical hernia , Cholelithiasis , Thyroiditis , Colitis


Dr. Carlos Millán


Robotic surgery in general surgery , Liver Resection, Pancreatic cyst , Liver metastasis, Biliary Pathway Surgery, Cirrhosis


Dr. Raúl Enrique Torres Cuesta

Metabolic Nutrition Support, Surgery of the abdominal wall , Surgery of the inguinal hernia , Stomach Cancer, Laparoscopic Surgery , Biliary Pathway Surgery


Dr. Oscar Guevara


Tumors in the Liver, Diseases of the bile ducts , Pancreatic cancer , Liver Cancer , Stones gallbladder or bile ,


Dr. Alberto Kabalan Rached

Digestive Endoscopy, Bariatric Surgery , Treatments for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy , Intragastric Balloon , Gastric Bypass ,


Dr. Oscar Luis Padrón Pardo


Surgery of the liver , Liver metastasis, Liver Cancer , Pancreatic cancer , Gallbladder surgery , Laparoscopic Surgery


Dr. Julián Sotomayor


Surgery of the abdominal wall , Bariatric Surgery , Surgery of the inguinal hernia , Gastroesophageal reflux, Surgery of hiatal hernia , Gallbladder surgery


Dr. Juan David Martínez Maya


Laparoscopic Surgery , Surgery of hiatal hernia , Obesity Surgery , Gallbladder surgery , Gastrointestinal surgery, Surgery of the abdominal wall


Dr. Jairo Eduardo Rivera Baquero

Liver metastasis, Surgery of the liver , Surgery of the pancreas , Biliary Pathway Surgery, Gallbladder surgery , Liver transplantation


Dr. Andrés Felipe Salazar García

Obesity Surgery , Surgery of the inguinal hernia , Gallbladder surgery , Biliary Pathway Surgery, Stones gallbladder or bile , Pancreatitis


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