Organización Clínica La Toscana

Child Nutrition in Bogotá, Bogotá
Cl. 84 No. 19A – 25

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What makes this medical centre first class

The Clinical Organization La Toscana is an innovative and comprehensive center capable of providing help to people beyond the physical, where the triad integrative health, occupational health and professional health make a real difference in both the method, and the essence with the which health should be addressed. The organization always seeks effective results that gradually position it in the status of innovative, disruptive entity and leader in the approach to health service . The organization specializes in Growth and Development, Early Stimulation, Pediatric Nutrition, Bronchiolitis, Homeopathy, Functional Medicine, Integrative Pediatrics, Respiratory Therapy, Lactation, Childcare, Respiratory Peak, Vaccination and Aging .

The concept of integrative precision medicine, provided by medical specialists and sub-specialists, all experts, who as a team add more than forty years of life to the health service, which places the Clinic Organization La Toscana as one of the best IPS in Bogota, Colombia.

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