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Dermatologists of Compensar in Cali

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Doctors who accept health insurance Compensar

Dr. Carlos Alberto Cerón Gómez


Facelift , Scar revision , Botulinum toxin, Hyaluronic Acid , Alopecia , Slack Wire


Doctors who DO NOT accept Compensar

Dra. Verónica Rankin Varela


Acne , Rosacea , Patches of skin , Facelift , Botulinum toxin, Hyaluronic Acid


Dra. Adriana R. Cruz


Acne , Patches of skin , Nevus and Moles, Laser , Alopecia , Skin cancer (carcinoma, melanoma)


Dra. Florinda Busi Ochoa

Acne , Hyaluronic Acid , Botulinum toxin, Slack Wire , Facelift , Scar revision


Dr. Julio César Rengifo Muñoz


Peeling , Skin cancer (carcinoma, melanoma) , Acne , Alopecia , Botulinum toxin, Facial Fillers


Dra. Natalia Vargas Navia

Acne , Hemangioma , Skin infections , Molluscum contagiosum , Vitiligo , Psoriasis


Dr. Luis Fernando Cárdenas Cardona


Acne , Dermatopathology , Diagnosis and treatment of skin tumors , Psoriasis , Skin Cancer Surgery , Skin cancer (carcinoma, melanoma)


Dra. Johanna Luna Hernández


Scar revision , Dermatitis (atopic, allergic, stasis, exfoliative, seborrheic) , Patches of skin , Acne , Botulinum toxin, Hyaluronic Acid


Dra. Sara María Lozada Ordóñez


Clinical Dermatology , Vitiligo , Psoriasis , Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation , CO2 Surgical Laser , Scar revision


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