No scalpel vasectomy without needles: an innovative technique and painless

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Published: | Updated: 11/12/2017
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¿? consisting At no scalpel vasectomy without needles

It's been thirty years in China design a procedure to perform vasectomy so little aggressive. In fact, at that time, with one male child had to undergo a compulsory vasectomy. For this, two special tools that are currently used in vasectomy, so this was done quickly and the patient could work on the same day of the intervention were designed. This procedure, being so positive, is then used in the rest of the world and this is no scalpel vasectomy without needles.

¿, is it different from conventional vasectomy


The traditional vasectomy effected two cuts with scalpel in the skin of the testicles, however, no scalpel vasectomy without any cutting needle does. Anesthesia is administered by a spray gun, which ensures the absence of pain, which is what most interests the patient initially, because men in general are not usually used to go to the doctor and less to operate them, so thus the fewer hassles we can ensure better. After this phase two clamps are used specially designed for the vasectomy is performed without any problem. With these tools we managed to cut the vas deferens are carrying sperm.

¿, is reversible vasectomy no scalpel


If, in general all vasectomies could be reversible if done correctly. Also no scalpel vasectomy without needles is reversible even more because it is less aggressive: in fact no duct ligation, but only the obstruction, in order to avoid discomfort. Therefore, in the case of wanting to re- splice the duct, the intervention is simpler to perform.

¿When you can resume normal activities after surgery


The no scalpel vasectomy without needles is very aggressive so you can perform normal activities from the very day of the intervention. During the first week you have to prevent stress, so it is not advisable to perform physical activities, more specifically, sports is like sitting for cycling, spinning or running. But you can drive, work, travel, etc., from the first day.

¿, no-scalpel vasectomy without needles hurt?¿Stop signs


The no scalpel vasectomy does not hurt at all. This anesthesia is administered by spray, as discussed above, because men generally have much fear of pain and more in this area. It does not hurt at all and not leave any sign. The hole through which the intervention takes place is so small you do not need to have any point, which, after a week or ten days and is completely closed and there is no sign that it has operated.

¿, have any possible complication


All vasectomies in general have any chance of complication, the most common are infection and hematoma. However no scalpel vasectomy without needles, as assaults or cut simply makes the intervention through a tiny hole no aggression, no such complications. In fact in the last 5,000 cases we have not seen any of these complications.

¿How long is the intervention of no scalpel vasectomy without needles


Unlike traditional vasectomy, which lasts between ten and thirty minutes, no scalpel vasectomy without needles is much faster. In expert hands lasts between 6– 8 minutes, so the patient does not have time to suffer the typical anxiety when such a procedure is performed.

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