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¿What are warts


Warts are skin lesions of various shapes and affect different areas of skin. There are times that are very difficult to eradicate multiplying and be of verg Wü ,. Enza


Warts are growths of the skin in different parts of the body. Are usually painless although in certain cases they can be annoying, itchy and generate cause for verg Wü;enza. Warts are caused by a virus called human papillomavirus and of various shapes.

types of warts

There are different types of warts depending on where you are located:

- Warts common type, usually located primarily in the hands


- Plantar warts type. Are those warts found on the soles of the feet so it can be very painful and even stop walking.

- Flat warts, those that appear on the face and forehead, which are usually more common in children than in adults


- Subungual and periungual warts, which manifest under or around one so are sometimes quite difficult to eradicate


- Filiform warts. Born in the eyelid and neck.

- Genital warts called condylomas. This type of warts appear on the genitals and the pubic area and thighs, but may also occur in the anal canal and vagina.

¿By leaving warts


They are caused by the human papilloma virus called the numerous varieties exist. Genital warts occur through sexual contact and are sometimes asymptomatic. In any case this type of warts are not caused by contact with warts common type of hands or other body parts but by another variety of the human papillomavirus. Common warts are easy to recognize by their appearance, although in some cases it is necessary to remove some of his tissue- biopsied in order not to be confused with other skin conditions.

How to remove warts

To remove common warts are numerous treatments counter in pharmacies that can be used for self. However, there is some kind of warts that are especially resistant your location. This is the case of those found under the nails so it is necessary to resort to specialists. Besides, the doctor may use stronger products such as podophyllin and salicylic acid to eradicate those more resistant.

Cryotherapy - freeze- and electrocautery and Laser are quite used methods with positive results. Also used in some cases immunotherapy is performed by injecting a substance that produces allergy and also activate the immune system.

In any case it is necessary to consider that these are valid solutions to remove warts common type and not genital warts calls for which you need to consult a specialist for besides in many cases, do not produce any symptomatology.

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