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The first thing you should ask is whether baldness is inevitable. If we refer to the so-called common baldness ( androgenic alopecia ), which is not unique to the male, we can say that acting in time, that baldness may be preventable or at least attenuate greatly.

The treatment of baldness can be in the form of medical treatment at least in the initial stages and then complemented by more advanced processes with hair transplant treatment ( surgical ).

Techniques for hair transplant

Today we have very advanced techniques for realization of a hair transplant with excellent cosmetic results without the transplant process involves an alteration or significant discomfort for the professional and social life of the person concerned.

In the realization of a hair transplant is to provide the greatest possible amount of hair to the needed area, giving the highest possible density and maxima hair naturally. Sometimes it will require more than one session. Hair transplantation can be performed through different techniques as a function of the patient's need. Large unpopulated areas will require the technical classic, and sometimes if we try more smaller areas or treat patients who want to wear short or shaved hair, we use techniques FUE, where there is no scar apparent but the amount of hair transplanted per session will always be inferior.

Hair transplantation is not painful

It is important to remember that the transplant is painless, and is performed under local anesthesia. As we have mentioned should not lead to any reduction in the daily activities of the candidate.

¿What results can I expect from the hair transplant


Transplantation is guaranteed when the indication of transplanted candidate is appropriate and when through the interview with the doctor, the patient receives the necessary information and understand that scope can have the transplant if, as each patient is different, and function of the area to be covered and the type of hair of the person, the expectations are different.

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