Thermage CPT System

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A single session is sufficient to improve sagging, firm and enhance face

Thermage CPT System is a cosmetic medical treatment in high demand nearly the same level as botulinum toxin, thanks to getting great results in face and body remodeling.

Thermage CPT System is the most advanced radio frequency equipment for skin tightening and body remodeling, a noninvasive system that gets results in a session.

Thermage gets back tone and tighten wrinkled, shriveled and flaccid facial skin and also in areas such as the abdomen, arms and buttocks.

¿How it works


Thermage uses technology that heats different layers of the skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen. Get out to the deeper layers of the skin increased heat intensity.

¿What results can be retrieved


After treatment with Thermage production of collagen and elastin is stimulated. Get‘ reposition’ the face that has lost smoothness, tightens wrinkled, shriveled and flaccid skin and so do areas like abdomen and buttocks, which also smoothes cellulite and improves the appearance of orange peel.

The effects are from the first day, increase until six months and last up to 2 years. No other facial treatment to maintain the results achieved without retouching, so long. After each session you can follow the normal daily routine can be done at any time of year, in any type and skin color and do not need to avoid sun exposure.

¿, in areas of the body that can be applied ?

Practically we can treat any part of the body this flaccidity. Applicators of different sizes, allow plus work on body parts such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks, knees, arms, full face.

Can be used on any skin type.

¿, it is painful


No and that is its main advantage. Thermage has a special head that emits a continuous vibration with a dual objective is achieved: slightly numb the skin and also deceive the nervous system to not recognize the stimulus of heat. The reason is that if the nervous system will send two different stimuli, heat and vibrations, gets lost and does not know which to pay attention. Therefore, it requires no local anesthesia or any other preparation and allows us to work in broad areas.

¿many sessions are needed


single. After the meeting the first results are noticeable because it has a lifting effect post- treatment. 80% of the results seen after six months, maybe in the body a little more, and gradually improving to the anus. Treatment effects last up to two years and need no maintenance.

¿What results are achieved, what are your indications?

This treatment gets to reaffirm the face that has lost smoothness, the nasolabial fold is reduced and the eye area gets lift the eyelid and blend expression lines. It is very effective in the neck area, where we have so few treatments that can be done, gets tighten wrinkled skin and flaccid. The same applies to areas such as the abdomen and buttocks, which are proving to help reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of orange peel.

¿Thermage CPT System Why is one of the best non-surgical rejuvenation treatments of the moment?

No other facial treatment to maintain the results achieved without retouching, so long. Also, a treatment that is not invasive requiring no needles or scalpel, it has no side effects, no scars or scabs and with which any derivative risk of anesthesia is not running. Get a very natural result and significantly improves overall skin texture, besides slowing down the aging process over the next few years.

¿has any side effects


Nonenoneningunoalgunaanycualquierningunocualquier. In fact it's a real treat called lunch time because after each session you can follow the daily routine normally. It can be done at any time of year and do not need to avoid sun exposure.

¿, At what age treatment is recommended


In general, it is advisable to do so after 35 or 40 years, that's when you start to notice that the skin loses its smoothness and goes off-hook. It is a perfect preventative treatment.

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 Redacción de Topdoctors

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