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There are two situations in which it is recom­chime that families contact the pedia­tra before birth, in what we call prenatal pediatric visit. One is when apa­pray problem during pregnancy that can affect the newborn: risk of pre­Gymnasium, detection of fetal abnormality by ultrasound... interview with the pediatrician per­mitira expand information about the proble­, but the newborn and know what type of care may require. The other situation is when it comes to first child of a couple, especially if they have no previous experience in caring for newborns. In these cases, all initial doubts raised about care of the first days and even on organizational aspects of the pediatric visit.

For visits of newborns, since currently the high des Maternity­, for delivery is too early, in most cases it is desirable that the first visit to the pediatrician is 24 or 48 hours after. The reason is that to be discharged on the third day of life, Breastfeeding still not been fully established, has not been started­, I do gain weight and some common problems, such as jaundice of newly na­acids, may be still in its beginning and em­peorar after discharge


In the first visit, the pediatrician should com­plete family and individual history of re­hundred born, verify that have taken different evidence of neonatal screening (auditory, metabolic ), perform a scan­cion complete physical and ensuring good fun­tioning of feeding. If it is the first child and has not made ​​a prenatal visit, the first visit will be the first contact between the parents and the pediatrician, ini­ ;. Cio of a long relationship confidence

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