Symptoms and treatment of periodontitis

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¿What is periodontitis and that the cause


Periodontitis is one of the most common infections in humans, especially after 35 years. It is an infection caused by bacteria that destroy the support of the tooth, gum and bone.

¿What symptoms are presented in periodontitis


The first sign that identifies the general population is bleeding gums or gingivitis, brushing or spontaneously. Other symptoms are the mobility of teeth, movement of the gum up or down leaving teeth longer, also the migration of teeth and open spaces between teeth what we call black spaces or troneras- then may even suppuration, bad taste, halitosis or boils.

¿Since periodontitis is


Treatment of periodontitis has three parts. An anti -infective or systemic hygienes part where we give the patient instructions and oral medicine. In this part we hygienes and deep scrapes to reduce infection. The second part is to finish removing bags or regenerate gum and bone, if possible with small minimally invasive surgical interventions. The third part is the maintenance, absolutely necessary.

¿Periodontitis is contagious


We do not have a definitive answer to this question. Studies show that after 10 years of coexistence of stable couples, some or many of these bacteria are transmitted. The truth is we all have bacteria that cause periodontitis at low levels and is the overgrowth, when we allow plaque to accumulate along with genetic susceptibility, leading to infection.

¿, as I can keep my gums healthy after treatment


Today we have 30 years of studies of periodontitis treatments where maintenance of teeth is very high, above 99 %. Treatment of periodontitis maintenance does not work, patients that have proved susceptible must commit to follow a maintenance hygienes each consisting of four to six months for the rest of their lives.

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