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The invisible braces give the same results as conventional braces. However, the retainers and a constant attitude of the patient are essential for maintaining the correct tooth position.

Considerations to be made ​​to end the invisible orthodontic treatmentThe considerations to keep in mind revolve around having clear that the most important are the goals of treatment, using the devices only as a means for them. The preliminary information, during and after treatment, is the key to a good experience in the treatment of invisible orthodontics. One of the information that is necessary to clearly convey is the need to control and monitor regardless of the method used to achieve dental correction. The position of the teeth obtained with the treatment is not stable at 100. Everything that is alive is subject to change. Therefore, one of the obligations of the orthodontist's patients generate a correct attitude toward this and put in parallel to this attitude, offering support and expertise to help the patient maintain the results as far as he wants.Also, as experts say in Dentistry and Stomatology , you should always put retainers achieved tooth position. There are many, such as braces, the retention should be tailored to each patient. Each problem and each patient origin require customization of the restraint. For example, if a patient is treated by system of plastic probably aligners, at the end, if you are offered a plastic lined holding, not properly used, by the fact of being "tired" to carry and sleep with elements this kind. To promote collaboration, it should seek to provide restraint to renew the cooperation of the patient.

Invisible benefits and advantages over conventional orthodontic bracketsIn the case of lingual orthodontics, the advantages are less visible. It is an excellent instrument to correct some malocclusions having among its symptoms, overbite. It is a type of device that allows the practitioner to good control of tooth movement.In the case of plastic aligners, the list of advantages is greater. There is no "emergency" because the device usually no breaks or changing edges that could chafe or irritate. Also, the query time is smaller and more comfortable. Regard to the uses, removed to eat and brush your teeth, allowing optimal hygiene. Likewise, it can be removed before important commitments and gives some freedom. Moreover, it is virtually invisible, bringing great sociability to the wearer.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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