Reduce or eliminate pain with technique rhizolysis

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¿, consisting in the rhizotomy surgery


The rhizotomy is a minimally invasive technique that thanks to the application of radio frequency minimizes or reduce pain in cases of herniated discs that do not require more aggressive surgical treatment. Usually these are patients who have a lumbar facet joint affectation and thank rhizolysis incur lower or eliminate pain.

¿What is the purpose of the rhizotomy surgery


Rhizolysis attempts to minimize or reduce pain secondary to herniated discs that do not require surgical treatment or there is an affectation of the nerve root.

¿What risks or contradictions can be found at surgery


Side effects are minimal rhizolysis, and if there are more due to the puncture, that is, that there is no infection or hematoma due to puncture. But in the long run the benefits far outweigh the possible side effects.

¿, this technique can be used with all patients


Rhizolysis In principle can be applied to all patients with cervical, thoracic or lumbar pain and its pathology does not require a more aggressive surgical intervention.

¿When you can resume normal activities after surgery


Rhizolysis is an outpatient technique that takes about an hour. The patient usually goes on his own feet and can resume their activities immediately, unless it does not make efforts and do not lift weight during the next four days. Practically it is a technique that does not require any kind of post -operative care.

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