What happens when our partner tells us that leave us?

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In this article we will talk about a situation that can affect many people, but in different ways. All these people will have in common a fact: her partner has left, but we differ as each faces this situation, according to his previous personality is


In every human being there is a emotional and social dependence. This can be a normal and healthy component, even necessary for life partner. Still, in some cases of breakup, which according to the degree of dependence, we would find before a damaging than emotional dependence prevents us continue our life.

The time of rupture can be a good time to consider this really happening to us and to assess what kind of relationship we had had with our partner. Analyze personal situations that wakes us this new situation and fears appear ( fear of loneliness, social rejection, and so on ).

Often our social environment take our side and make us really see the relationship of a couple we had was not healthy. However, the abandoned person feels depressed and tearful. The fear of loneliness low self esteem dominate his thoughts continually up holding, or even idealizing his former partner. Depending on the degree of emotional dependence the person may be more or less able to realize that the relationship if you really just break was beneficial to her or not.

The person with a intense emotional dependence will be harder to resist back with your partner but the relationship is harmful for her. Occasionally, someone may mention that the separation is real and all, when in fact still has daily contact with your partner.

Consult a professional at the time of breakup of a serious relationship right partner. Through therapy, the psychologist can help the person to make the grieving process which represents the loss of a loved one, in this case the lost couple. Habra analyze the dependence affective;see if maybe dependence appears not only in their relationships but also in other types of relationships ( friends or family).

For The person emotionally dependent, dominates an excessive need for affection which sometimes leads him to deny the evidence of some information provided by the environment, which is self deceives to pursue a relation to all harmful lights. It is also often dependent affective seeking a certain type of couple that tends to humiliate and can become victims of situations that undermine their self-esteem. Emotionally dependent people are characterized by the manifestation of addictive behaviors in interpersonal relationship, based on a dependent attitude in relation to the subject of which is dependent. Affective dependent people are often vulnerable and emotionally exploitative couples tend to choose. In these cases, it is more necessary than ever psychological support because emotionally dependent trend promotes the repetition of the same pattern of behavior: searching for a couple after another. When you tend to look for a similar type of people, couples&ndash pattern occurs;rupture with significant emotional distress.

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