What are biopolymers?

Written by: Dr. Carlos Alberto Ríos García
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Biopolymers can be defined as a series of injectable substances not suitable for human use and affecting different tissues, organs and systems, usually produces irreversible and occasionally irreparable lesions.

These substances are commonly known as biopolymers of synthetic or organic origin and range from paraffin , liquid silicone, bone cement, industrial oil or of any kind; which in an unscrupulous and illegal manner were injected by another person.

Usually these types of substances are sold under the false promise of increasing the volume of different areas of the body or face without having any future consequences.

Consequences of biopolymers

Biopolymers are xenobiotics, substances completely foreign to the system. It should be borne in mind that degeneration, which means irreversible damage, can occur in the place where it was injected or can be expanded to other places, whether near or distant.

Since it is a liquid material, it can migrate to places adjacent to the place of application or to distant places, reaching the lungs and the brain, altering the oxygenation mechanisms of these structures, acting as a barrier that prevents the adequate passage of oxygen , which can lead to the death of the patient.

The body's response may be immediate or delayed, taking up to 60 years after its application for the body to react, attack the substance and affect healthy tissues.

Patients develop a condition called allogenosis Iatrogenic (allogeneic: foreign to the body, Iatrogenic: damage caused by another person) that speaks of tissue damage and degeneration as a reaction to the injected product and also present an autoimmune syndrome known as ASIA Syndrome, a set of symptoms similar to autoimmune diseases that worsen the prognosis of patients: loss of memory, dry eyes, dry mouth, joint pain, muscle aches, sleep disturbances, physical exhaustion on awakening or during the day and behavior, besides depression or irritability.

Why remove biopolymers?

Because they produce degeneration, damage to tissues irreversibly and eventually to death.

What is the removal of biopolymers?

Reconstructive surgery for the partial removal of biopolymers is a surgical procedure performed by plastic surgeons and comprises a set of surgical techniques that seek to eliminate deposits of the injected material including glutes, lumbar region (lower back), thighs, legs, among other areas.

This surgery can be performed for a number of reasons:

• To decrease the inflammatory response.

• To try to stop the degenerative process of healthy tissues.

• To improve the appearance of symptoms compatible with autoimmune diseases.

• To treat the facial, body or breast contour, which presents deformities because of the substance that has been injected.

• To treat pain.

• As a reconstructive technique in certain situations.

Biopolymer removal surgery seeks to relieve inflammatory and autoimmune symptoms, has no aesthetic purpose; more than one biopolymer removal surgery is often required depending on severity, tissue involvement and amount of injected substance.

However, it is impossible to remove 100% of the biopolymers that were injected, since the substance infiltrates in tissues like muscles, is located near large blood vessels and nervous tissue, places where the substance can not be manipulated.

When is it necessary to remove it?

In most cases, the best option is to remove the substance, so that no symptoms have occurred, in fact, it is better to remove the biopolymers as soon as possible, preventing the substance from causing serious damage to the body that prevents the surgery due to high risk of the procedure for the health and life of the patient.

There are a variety of different techniques used by plastic surgeons for the reconstruction of the body contour in cases of Iatrogenic alogenosis. Our experience has led us to focus on two safe and effective techniques, which will depend on the patient's condition:



Reconstructive surgery for removal of biopolymers is safe surgery, but it involves a greater risk: it must be understood that it is not the same to operate a healthy person as to operate a person with a health problem, for example, the tissues affected by biopolymers are degenerate, inflamed and fibrous tissues in a chronic way, which lack adequate blood supply and lymphatic drainage (elimination of toxins), and which are also found in an organism that has altered inflammatory and immune response. Therefore, various complications may occur during surgery and the postoperative period.

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By Dr. Carlos Alberto Ríos García
Plastic surgery

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia is a specialist in Plastic Surgery and has more than 20 years of experience in various prestigious institutions such as the Sanctuary Medical Center, where he currently provides consultation.

Graduated from the Tulio Enrique Tascón University Institute, he is a specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. It has also been highlighted in the Retiro de Biopolímeros by means of its videoendoscopic technique, of which it is a pioneer worldwide, managing to extract a large quantity of the substance without leaving large incisions and safely.

His extensive experience led him to establish himself as the founder and coordinator of the Mesotherapy outpatient clinic at the Santa Casa da Misericordia Hospital in Rio de Janerio , Brazil . He was also a teacher and scientific coordinator of the same program.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Ríos García is a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery , the Ibero-Latin American Federation and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Currently, Dr. Rios is giving specialized consultation in his own medical center, Sanctuary Medical Center, where he focuses on surgical facial and body treatments, among which are: Removal of Biopolymers, Reconstructive Surgery, Liposculpture, Lipectomy, Gluteoplasty, Breast Augmentation , Rhinoplasty, Hand Surgery, Facial Fillers, Abdominoplasty, Body Lifting, Facial Lifting, Liposuction , among others.

Thanks to this Dr. Ríos García is recognized as one of the best specialists in Plastic Surgery in Cali.

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