Losing weight healthily with the protein diet

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Published: | Updated: 06/12/2017
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What is the principle by which the protein diet work?

To lose weight you have to cut calories from your diet, and in this particular treatment, what we get is lower carbohydrate diet so that it becomes a ketogenic diet. Plus we got greatly reduce fats because really what we want is to lose them in our body, but keep the amount of protein needed lest we lose muscle mass. We also provide all the minerals and vitamins that our body does not have nutritional deficiencies, only caloric deficits.

What changes can be obtained through protein diet?

Through protein diet you can get a missed fast, durable and above all healthy weight. The fact that weight loss is fast does not make it wrong.

Are there any risks or side effects?

If treatment regimen a physician who knows the procedure, which maintains perfect control of the patient and a pattern of treatment transferable to any other person, there are no associated risks.

How dangerous is ketosis?

Any weight loss produces ketone bodies, there is no other way to remove fat from our body unless a traumatic way as surgery or liposuction. Biochemistry in our body makes ketones are generated to be released to the outside through urine and breath. Therefore ketosis is not dangerous whenever controlled and stable.

What to do once the ideal weight is reached?

Necessary to hold the weight in the long term, this is a third stage which we call phases Food Balance - Maintenance Phases. Our goal is to consolidate a nutritional balance, we do not miss any nutrient and calorically allow us to maintain weight. To reach this point must have passed through the different stages of the diet and habits have changed mostly to keep those changes.

Obesity is often associated with other pathologies lead: How protein diet can help improve these conditions?

The protein diet and clinical studies that have been developed in recent times we have seen the decline in patients blood pressure, cholesterol rates, improving metabolic conditions in general and especially the decline glycemia in type II diabetic patients, and even in insulin-dependent is far superior to that obtained with a conventional diet or poorly balanced. The benefit in medical conditions associated with obesity is far superior to the protein diet. In the case of a serious problem of obesity, dietary protein is beneficial to health.

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By Redacción de Topdoctors

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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