Mohs Microsurgery

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¿What is Mohs surgery


The Mohs micrographic surgery is a highly specialized for cutaneous cancer that provides more high index of healing compared with traditional surgical treatment techniques.

The original method of Mohs micrographic surgery was developed by the Dr. F. Mohs at the University of Wisconsin. The Mohs technique has been perfecting its basic concept although still based on three fundamental steps.

¿, consisting in Mohs surgery


1 Excision of tumor tissue: First, the affected area is anesthetized, the procedure does not start to ensure insensitivity throughout the area. Once complete anesthesia skin layer affected by the tumor is removed.

2 Preparation sophisticated small portions of tissue removed for microscopic examination and determination of whether the tumor has been removed or not entirely.

Wound hemostasis is performed to prevent bleeding and cure provisionally pending the results of the laboratory. During the waiting time microscopic analysis of the patient may be accompanied, read a magazine or watch TV. The approximate duration of this phase is about 30-45 minutes.

Once the lesion is excised studies margin 100%. So you have to prepare small pieces of tissue for possible microscopic study.

Portion cuts are made in a freezing cryostat properly marked for identification under the microscope.

3 If you detect cancer cells throughout the above procedure is repeated, but only in the affected area, to achieve Total healing.

Once studied microscopically identified in a chart to guide the existence of malignant cells should be able to find them and remove tissue there where required. The procedure is repeated until the tumor removed entirely.

The resulting defect extirpation is"repairs"in the most aesthetic way possible, depending on its size, location, skin type, etc.. The final appearance is achieved few months after suture removal.

Under normal conditions the average number of stages of Mohs surgery is one to three ( which often takes about 2-4 hours to complete healing ), although it depends on the characteristics of each tumor, whether it has been treated previously and its location.

¿Where Mohs surgery is performed


The process is slow, requires highly sophisticated and specialized staff, so there are very few centers in Spain equipped to offer Mohs surgery.

¿, is done with the wound left


Once you have completely removed the tumor, the best solution is decided to close the wound created by Mohs surgery.

Sometimes prefer to close by itself, requiring daily treatment for approximately 3-4 weeks.

Other systems consist of closed with sutures directly or through the use of flaps, grafts and cosmetic surgery techniques. The choice depends on the size and location, in any case the patient about the care required for each particular case report carefully.

¿What is the normal posterior evolution after Mohs surgery


Most patients notice some tension in the wound that decreases over time.

Some degree of hotness back to the healing of the wound is also normal and benefits of any moisturizer applied above (single Vaseline is enough).

Most superficial tumors affecting nerve branches, so it may take a year until normal sensation returns to the area. Until then they can coexist in the area tingling sensations with cork, or alternated both.

The tissue surrounding the wound contains much more than normal blood supply to the healing process. This means that the skin look pink and is more sensitive to temperature changes. The sensitivity and redness disappear with time.

Keep in mind that the final appearance of a wound should be viewed a year of intervention.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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