Oral Medicine, who is and who need their treatments

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Oral medicine is concerned with all oral diseases not associated with teeth. One of the leading specialists in oral medicine is the Dr. Jose Lopez Lopez, which will give us more details about who should go to an expert and as consisting treatments performed.

¿'s oral medicine


In short it is a clinical specialty, academic, dedicated to the diagnosis, management and research of oral diseases with medical treatment and systemic diseases with oral and facial expressions.

¿kind of patients have to go to an expert in oral medicine


Any patient with a sore mouth can be visited by an expert in oral medicine. We can say that those who do not attribute their condition to the dental organ, could be the most benefited by an expert in oral medicine.

¿What techniques and treatments are performed in oral medicine


The oral medicine uses a very special way of handling medical history, that implies a correct exploration in patients with idea which can be the cause of his ailment. As complementary techniques there are different techniques of biopsy and diagnostic imaging and analytical tests.

¿important is prevention as is done


One of the most important problems is the prevention of oral cancer and its complications. Another aspect is oral pathology associated with immunocompromised patients or severe systemic pathology. Examples would be patients with chemotherapy treatment with bisphosphonates or who will be treated with radiotherapy. The best prevention is to take action before problems arise, that means know and be well advised by professionals to treat the problems do not appear or when they appear to be the minimum possible.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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