Mastopexy: retrieve the shape of your breasts

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Mastopexy is a surgical procedure that involves raising and improving the shape of sagging breasts.

Over time, after pregnancy or lactation, breast skin loses its elastic capacity, with glandular oscillations tends to fall. But the plastic surgery can perform a breast lift. So, they are remodeled, and recover their shape and smoothness of an effective, generally removing excess sagging skin or fall.

Also, when this drop occurs, the upper pole of the breast is left empty, so this is the technique indicated to enhance and raise the mammary gland and nipple. If the breast, along with falling, has lost volume, in many cases this intervention is often accompanied by a breast augmentation, by implanting breast prostheses.


Mastopexy with prosthesis

Mastopexy surgery can be performed only by raising the breast and nipple, but in most cases is usually associated with implantation of a prosthesis to restore the volume that the woman had her breasts before they themselves down.     

The introduction of the prosthesis is done under the pectoral muscle in order to achieve a more natural breast, so as not to interfere with subsequent scans on the breast.


How is a mastopexy performed?

The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately an hour and a half.

  • In most cases, a circular incision around the areola prolonged by a vertical incision to the breast sub groove is performed. This type of incision has a very favorable healing.
  • In other cases, considering factors such as age, excessive volume or degree of fall of the breast, an incision that runs along the inframammary fold is made, and usually remains inconspicuous, since it rests on the breast.

The surgeon determines, according to the particulars of the patient, the technique to follow. After placing the breast in its ideal position, it is used to give the most appropriate volume and projection.


Mastopexy, postoperative

After surgery, he puts the patient a bandage will be removed the next day. Generally high trascurridas occurs 24 hours. Postoperative pain is usually moderate and gradually disappears.

During the first few days after surgery, the patient experiences a sensation of chest tightness and some discomfort, but may make normal life between 48 and 72 hours. The use of a special bra is recommended for a period of about a month, during which should not make sudden exercise, or carry much weight.


Mastopexy results

The results of a mastopexy usually very satisfactory although it must be noted that, although durable, are not definitive. Depending on factors such as new pregnancies or weight changes and age, breasts may sag back, but not like before the intervention.

If breast lift has been accompanied by an implant, the effect is much more durable. If a new sagging occurs, you can easily go back to reposition the chest using and removing old scars.

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