Tuberous breasts

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The breasts have sometimes disproportionate differences in shape and volume¿They are tuberous breasts ? If they are, they have solution.

The tuberous breasts are a type of hypoplastic breasts that besides being small have a particular shape. They are known as tubular breasts, tuberous breasts, breasts or constricted breasts caprine. The tuberous breasts are a type of malformation that affects women in their adolescent stage causing psychological disorders when one or both breasts have a high degree of deformity.

Many women with tuberous breasts feel self-conscious and suffer insecurity when making daily activities like going to the gym, sunbathe in the privacy…

The preliminary examination is essential, the most important is a good diagnosis and especially differentiate tuberous breasts of normal breast, and to then apply the suitable individualized treatment as breast augmentation regardless of its shape can aggravate malformation.

¿How are the Tuberous Breast

  1. The tuberous breasts have small size.
  2. Almost the entire gland is housed behind the areola.
  3. The areola of the tuberous breast is characterized by an exaggerated and protuyente diameter.
  4. Lack of development of the lower pole of the breast, leaving a high inframammary fold.
  5. The tuberous breasts are elongated, more separated than normal.
  6. The tuberous breasts are generally viewed as asymmetrical breasts.

¿Since Tuberous breasts are treated


Not just the introduction of a prosthesis to treat tuberous breasts. The surgery should reduce the size of the areola, leaving a scar only around this. Internally, the gland should remodel to allow for expansion both vertically and horizontally.

a single surgery the shape of the gland is changed, going to have a small but normal breast and that is when can enter a prosthesis, to finish shaping the form and set the size.

The intervention of tuberous breasts lasts just under two hours, is performed under general anesthesia and requires admission clinic 24 hours.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
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By Redacción de Topdoctors

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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