Lipotransfer: a future full of possibilities

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Published: | Updated: 27/11/2017
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Fat despise both in today's society because we feel that is synonymous with fat, deformity and seems to always have a negative connotation, and can help a lot in the field of plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic .

Of the that reduce accumulations of fat deposits in areas that have names like chins, love handles and abdomen, this now allows us to do these operations, but with the possibility of re- use that fat to improve problems such as defects in the face or extremities after accident reconstruction after a breast cancer, slow the cutaneous aging or simply improve the shape and volume of the breasts. So far the techniques of obtaining fat grafts were simple, the fat is extracted by suction syringes, fat is centrifuged and the implants were applied to reshape those body parts that needed volume.

Today we know that the technique of obtaining fat grafting is very important. Need to control the extraction pressure, modulate its extraction without damaging the cells and maintain the proper temperature for the fat cells to ensure their survival

Currently the techniques of obtaining fat and have perfected the aparatologia needed to remove the cells, without damaging them and without manipulation. For transplanting fat grafting and preserve fat cells without harming the Ana Torres Institute has acquired two years ago aparatologia appropriate, with the Body- Jet Humanmed Lipotransfer of fat cells are removed by gentle to moderate water pressure, so not to damage the cells get fat and less traumatizing tissue that have been extracted. We can also perform a less traumatic liposuction while we transfer the fatty grafts obtained from sterile and without manipulations there where needed.

These are some of the applications of lipotransference:

- Breast Reconstruction

- Breast augmentation in people with intorelancia to silicone implants

- Improve capsular contracture

- Post traumatic scars

- Repair of areas exposed to radiotherapy

- Palia effects Romberg syndrome ( agenesis of facial fat)

- Cosmetic Use: buttock augmentation, facial rejuvenation


Fat grafting conferred where there inject volume: Lipofilling, so that we can shape a defect improving its appearance in three dimensions. The Lipotransfer every day is for more women as an alternative to dentures to improve the appearance of your breasts. We got so a natural and lasting result away from complications such as prostheses that can give such as contractures, infection, or changes in shape of the prosthesis.

No doubt that this is a major breakthrough in cosmetic surgery and regenerative medicine.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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