Liposuction aspiration

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Called also lipoaspiration, liposculpture, lipomodelig suction liposuction is a surgical technique in which a few small incisions through 3 millimeters aspire and eliminate the accumulation of fat located in various parts of our body like thighs, knees, abdomen, hips, arms, chin, etc.

¿What method is used to perform liposuction aspiration


The suction liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia, local more sedation, epidural or general, depending on the area to aspire and personality of the patient, and practiced infiltrating physiological saline, more adrenaline to reduce bleeding in the desired areas and introducing a blunt cannulas that break and suck the excess fat. Such interventions Certified Surgical Centers to submit all kinds of guarantees and safety when making a lipoaspiration should always be performed in .

¿, can I expect during recovery


The suction liposuction is a relatively Operation“& rdquo ;, annoying especially the first 48 hours. Not require a hospital stay, a few hours in the case of large areas liposuctioned. After liposuction the patient must wear a girdle for three weeks to help during desinflamación, undergo drainage massage and practice some form of mild exercise.

¿What results can I expect from the lipoaspiration ?

The results depend above all the power of absorption of liquids retained in the worked areas, the type of skin elasticity, inflammation of the staff and follow the instructions of the physician. The results of the liposuction start to look aspiration week, the improvement will be evident the first few weeks;then the evolution will be slow. After three months we will be close to the end result, and will not be until the year when we will see if the end result will be the desired or should we make some“retouching” to achieve it.

¿Back to liposuctioned fat appear


Not if proper weight is maintained, if not increased fat will be provided throughout the body, ie, if fattening, the area liposuctioned will too, but experience shows that a lesser proportion.

¿There are other liposuction techniques


Yes, currently there also the technique of Ultrasonic liposuction and technique laser liposuction or Lipolaser , a laser procedure minimally invasive and high precision with which we aspire and we eliminate localized fat accumulations in the same way as with traditional liposuction aspiration.

Currently in all liposuction techniques is still undoubtedly the best treatment for the loss of body fat with excellent results, nothing comparable to those achieved with current aparatologia.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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