Endoscopic Frontal Lifting

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¿Why can require a forehead lift


The main reason for demanding a endoscopic forehead lift is the descent of the original position of the soft tissues of the body that occurs as we age. This is due to the action of gravity and morphological changes caused by age, sun exposure, stress, etc.. One of the regions with the greatest repercussions in facial aging is the upper third of the face (forehead and eyebrows) therefore meaning of facial expression as representing a good position of the eyebrows as a sign of youth.

¿, consisting in endoscopic forehead lift


The endoscopic forehead lift is performed through two small incisions in the scalp and through endoscopic procedure, the dissection of the frontal region is carried to the tail of the eyebrow, controlling and respecting the supraorbital and supratrochlear vessels and nerves.

Differences between the endoscopic forehead lift and traditional

For the treatment of facial wrinkles and frown, the elevation of the eyebrows and forehead, the intervention of classic forehead lift uses bicoronal incision, usually located within the scalp and extending from ear to ear.

The endoscopic forehead lift can obtain good aesthetic results avoiding potential complications of classic forehead lift, such as the large coronal scar and scarring alopecia in the area.

If the deformity is not very pronounced, we could also try this whole region through the upper blepharoplasty incision ( located in upper eyelid incision ).

Method front suspension - ENDOTINE®

During the endoscopic forehead lift, to maintain traction without resection of the skin of the scalp, use a system called traction or stress ENDOTINE®getting the elevation of the outer third of the eyebrow ( eyebrow tail ) and skin tightening in the front region, achieving a more youthful look ( look rejuvenation ).

This is a resorbable device (therefore there will need to remove a 2ªsurgical intervention ) for the fixation of soft tissue of the forehead lift surgery. With Endotine®is not necessary to use sutures for fixation of tissues, thus preventing dehiscence and strangulation of tissue is prevented.

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