Laser to remove stains on the face, hands and tattoos

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¿, consisting in the treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions with laser ?Today we treat multiple pigmented lesions with the laser: the most common are lentigines, which are spots that come with the sun and with age, and tattoos. Treatment in both cases is similar, the only difference is in their duration. To treat a tattoo is necessary to devote more sessions compared with cases of lentigines.

¿, can remove tattoos with the laser?

An application of QS alexandrite laser is in removing tattoos. When removing tattoos, no therapeutic professionals often require less effort than professional tattoos. This is because the multiple colors and high pigment concentration should be used. The green and yellow and partly red pigments, usually resistant to treatment with this laser. The number of sessions needed to remove tattoos varies between 7 and 10 sessions. The results are very satisfactory.

¿What is the goal of treatment and consisting ?The aim is to remove the stain and / or tattoo. The treatment is very simple, the laser is applied, this gives very focused shots and produces a pop of pigment is then absorbed by a cell of our body and ends with the disappearance of the stain.To treat lentigines one or two sessions is required, this will depend on the tone of the stain, the more clearly will need fewer sessions. In contrast, treatment of tattoos normally requires eight to ten sessions. There are some particular cases where some more session due to skin type and the type of tattoo is needed.

¿, the application of anesthesia is required ?When large areas or sometimes treated tattoos may be a bit annoying, depending on the sensitivity of each person. In these cases you can use a topical anesthetic, which is as an anesthetic cream applied one or two hours before treatment and decrease the sensitivity achieved.

¿, there risks or side effects ?The type of laser that is used does not leave scars or marks. There are more than 25 years of experience using this type of laser. During this time they have been refined more and more and there has never been any kind of complication.

¿Varia treatment according to skin type ?If the person has a kind of dark skin pigment also captures a person's own energy laser and produces a more significant impact. In contrast, people with fair skin with less pigment in the skin this impact does not occur. Likewise, assess the severity of the stain, because when a stain is very strong or very pigmented you have to put less energy into the laser to not make too strong impact. And when the stain is more and more blurred clarita, you have to put a higher energy.

¿What results can be expected ?When we treat lentigines the result is spectacular because it leaves no signal and the skin is clean and spotless. The most common parts to treat are the face and hands, and in both cases the results are excellent. In tattoos are also very good results coming to completely remove it.

¿When you can resume normal activities after treatment ?In principle, normal activities can be resumed immediately after doing the treatment, but bear in mind that for a week or ten days the spots we've tried will be more evident. During the first few days then one violacea coloring is changing to brown and gradually become clearer is. After ten days and be gone.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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