The advantages of dental implants immediately loaded

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What is the immediate burden when it comes to dental implants?

Immediate loading when it comes to dental implants is the placement of the prosthesis, ie the wheels that are placed over the implant, the same day or the day after placement thereof, that is, we do not expect the time normally or traditionally usually it expects after placing an implant, which is usually between 3 and 4 months, which is the period we call osseointegration during which the implant is being trapped by the bone. Immediate loading on the wheels placed immediately to placement of implants and that osseointegration occurs already positioned with the tooth.


What are the advantages of this technique over other?

The advantages of immediate loading are undeniable since the patient has teeth from day thereby preventing osseointegration period is one in which the implants are in place but no teeth. That stage, depending on whether it is a very visible area of ​​the mouth or in patients who are missing all teeth in one arch is usually a stage rather uncomfortable as the patient is forced to wear a removable prosthesis, ie prosthesis removable with all the disadvantages that entails. Immediate loading thus avoided that step to bring the removable prosthesis and the patient is actually very comfortable from the first minute, significantly reducing the number of post-operative visits and giving the impression the patient that the treatment has been much more fast.


You can be applied to all patients?

Immediate loading can be applied to virtually any patient, however, depends critically on the quality of the bone on which we are placing the implant in the area that are rehabilitating, ie if it is an area that supports a heavy load to chew and It is an area that is not no sense to place the wheel from the outset. However in areas where it is really necessary as a matter of aesthetics put the tooth from day one, certainly all patients can benefit from this technique and with minimal care during those first 2 or 3 months in which the implant is not yet fully grasped the bone, we get that treatment success is complete.

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