The no scalpel vasectomy is considered the best technique currently

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¿'s no scalpel vasectomy


The no scalpel vasectomy is one way to perform the operation of vasectomy, using a special tool, which avoids cuts with scalpel. Thus this operation can be performed more quickly and with much less discomfort for the patient.

No scalpel vasectomy the invention Dr. Li Shunqiang in 1974 in China, at a time that is only allowed to have a single child per family, with the aim of achieving a more definitive contraceptive method with simple tools that allow patients to return to their normal routine the same day of the intervention. This achievement also reduce the fear of man in relation to the operation, and since then more than 15 million Chinese have become vasectomy no scalpel technique with. This technique was introduced in the West by Marc Goldstein ( USA ) in 1984, and in our country by Dr Villadoms in 1994. At present this technique no scalpel vasectomy is considered the best available.

¿technique consisting in


The conventional technique of vasectomy involves making two cuts with scalpel in the skin (one in each testicle ), to extract, cut, and / or linking each of the vas deferens, inside which sperm leave the testicle.

It is a simple and effective intervention, but most complications ( bleeding, hematoma and infection ) are caused by the incision with scalpel.

The no-scalpel vasectomy technique does not require any cutting, and therefore not used scalpel. Pliers specially designed to separate the skin and vas deferens externalize much less traumatic mode is used.

A more recent development is called no scalpel vasectomy without needle, prevents irritating initial puncture to apply local anesthetic. Using a device called MadaJet, anesthetic spray applied to the skin and the vas, making vasectomy can be done without pain.

¿has risks


Any surgical intervention may be at risk. In the case of vasectomy are the most frequent bleeding ( hematoma), testicular pain or infection. What it has shown is that these risks are much lower complication with no scalpel vasectomy technique over the conventional technique.

In fact, the WHO recommends that you use the following:

"Compared to the traditional incision method, no scalpel vasectomy resulted in less bleeding, bruising and pain during or after the procedure. The surgical procedure is shorter and men who undergo vasectomy can resume sexual activity more quickly. The no scalpel technique is currently used in over 40 countries.&Quot;

¿, is reversible


Vasectomy is a permanent birth control method, but may be reversible in most of the time by an operation called microsurgical vasovasostomy. Anyway this reversal is an operation much more expensive and delicate than vasectomy, and if it has been many years since vasectomy is likely to not be able to have a sufficient number of sperm in the semen for a natural pregnancy, which would make necessary to use techniques of assisted reproduction ( in vitro fertilization ).

That's why we do not recommend vasectomy if there are doubts about having more children.

¿Vasectomy sexuality changes


Vasectomy does not affect the production of hormones from the testis, only to the manufacture of sperm.

Desire and sexual stamina, sensation during sex, orgasm and ejaculation are not changed.

Nor does it affect the voice, muscle mass or beard.

In fact, many couples tell us that the fact of losing the fear of an unwanted pregnancy, and stop using other contraceptive methods, are much improve your sex life.

¿, the patient is sterile after intervention


The contraceptive effect of vasectomy is not immediately. You need to wait about 20 to 30 ejaculations to empty all the sperm that were accumulated in the seminal via. You should always be at least one semen analysis ( semen or semen ) indicating azoospermia ( absence of sperm in the semen) after these ejaculations, to stop using other contraceptive methods safely.

¿When you can resume sexual relations


Are advised to avoid intense physical activities 48 hours. From there you can resume sexual relations as no noticeable discomfort, although most usually wait about a week. Contraceptive measures should be remembered until the semen analysis indicate that there are no sperm.

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