Carboxitherapy to combat cellulite, excess fat and facial aging

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carboxitherapy applications are multiple and are proving successful. This method has become one of the best to fight cellulite, excess fat, and facial aging. However we must ensure that the person performing this treatment is a professional and trained enough to handle a good application technique.

Carboxiterapia. An alternative method

The carboxiterapia is a technique of therapeutic and aesthetic treatment that is based on the introduction of gas, dioxide CO2 carbon subcutaneously. This technique, now very widespread, this being very effective body treatments localized fat and stretch marks. In turn, provides excellent results in facial wrinkle removal treatments, whitening sagging and dark circles. This method, which is non-surgical, no toxicity and no side effects and is backed by numerous scientists who have proven their effectiveness in improving circulation, oxygenate tissues and eliminate cellulite.

Carboxitherapy. Origin

Carboxitherapy originated in France, particularly in the hot springs station Royat. There, a group of cardiologists gathered in the decade of the 50 to apply this innovative therapy to a group of patients with circulatory problems and accumulation of fat. Among all Romuef Dr. Jean Baptiste points out that in 1953 published a work on its 20 years of experience in the application of Co2. Since then a large number of patients- the Institute of Cardiovascular research Royat quote that by 1994 had undergone the treatment is about 30,000 patient- confirm the efficacy and safety of this therapeutic and aesthetic method.

As carboxitherapy


The Co2 is applied to the tissue a very fine needle of 0.3 mm diameter very similar to which is used for the injection of insulin. This application is carried out with a team that can control the volume of gas at a constant pressure for a certain time. After the application of carbon dioxide in the skin, give a light massage specialist in this area to circulate and distribute. The CO2 should be used for medicinal type and with 99 % purity. The distribution of the gas takes place by means of a pedal applied by the chosen dose in each case. In sum, the carboxiterapia is made with a specially trained team that controls the time of injection and monitors carbon dioxide dose administered.

Carboxitherapy. As acts on cellulite

Carbon dioxide as a gas penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue and begins to act immediately. Part of the gas comes into contact with the fat and some is directed to the red blood cells where it is contacted with the hemoglobin. At that time the so-called Bohr effect occurs whereby hemoglobin to detect Co2 introduced, believes there is a decompensation in the body and reacts by generating more oxygen while collecting carbon dioxide in order to eliminate. This entire process results in increased oxygenation and an increase in blood -flow in the treated zone. Furthermore, this oxygen created serves to stimulate metabolic processes of fat - Lipolisis- combustion fighting cellulite and removed efficiently. Thus, upon completion of the treatment, the skin becomes smoother, improve tissue and cellulite disappears.

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