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¿, which consists in treating dental implants immediately loaded


Dental implants immediate loading is the treatment for which right after the placement of fixed teeth implants are loaded over them. It may be just after surgery or at most in a time of 48 hours later.

¿, is the difference between immediate loading and immediate aesthetic


Basically are two identical concepts. In both put some teeth right after surgery or a maximum of 48 hours after surgery. The main objective of immediate cosmetic, as the name implies, is to solve aesthetic problems such as fill a gap when we are missing a tooth. In the immediate load provisional prosthesis over implants a whole entire arcade, which now comes into function and allows us to chew is made.

¿Which patients are candidates for immediate loading or able to perform cosmetic


Any patient is a candidate for immediate loading of implants, however, not all patients can be performed. In order to allow immediate loading of dental implants as a series of requirements quality and quantity of bone suitable implants for immediate loading in both size and surface needed. Something very important is what we call primary stability, ie, when we place the implant in the patient's mouth must be well fixed to bone. If no primary stability if you wanted immediate loading will not be possible because it would be synonymous with certain failure. But overall good health and with the participation of the patient we can make immediate loading in most cases, but not all.

¿What we gain immediate loading


With immediate loading of implants won several things: the first is the psychological factor. May be from the outset fixed teeth over implants, so can already discard or abandon that removable appliance that the patient is not always happy or not makes you comfortable enough. Another factor which also won in many cases is slightly shortened workup, since the implant treatment is a long treatment, and immediate loading can slightly shorten their time. Also in many cases we can save you a second surgery in most cases is usually necessary.

¿Immediate loading of implants is a safe treatment


Immediate loading of implants is a safe, predictable and reliable treatment. Peros is important to understand that we have to meet the requirements that we discussed earlier: having a bone quality and quantity, follow a proper surgical technique and also is very important to the ultimate success of the collaboration of the patient treatment. As already mentioned, with immediately loaded implants you can eat, but be very aware that at first are indicated to eat soft foods, maintaining a soft diet during the time of osseointegration, ie, the time that the implant takes hold on to bone and be securely fastened. Overall patient collaboration with the treatment of immediate loading of dental implants is a great success.

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