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Remove dark circles is possible in one or two sessions

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¿Often treat dark circles


Treatment of dark circles area is complex and is an area that patients usually do not know they can be treated. It affects both men and women, especially young patients who have genetically dark circles area marked, deep, depressed and denoting them look tired or have not slept well. Therefore it is an area that can be treated and that we can improve, but patients usually do not know they have an easy solution.

¿, which consists in treating dark circles ?

Treating dark circles area involves injecting a resorbable material such as collagen or hyaluronic acid adapted for the area. It is a treatment that is very grateful, the patient sees the result in an immediate way, even if it is true that it is an area that is anatomically complex and requires expert hands and face an appropriate product to have good results.

¿, the application of anesthesia is required


It is true that the area of ​​the circles is a bit painful area, ie, it is an area where you can perform the treatment without any kind of anesthesia. If the patient is particularly sensitive to pain, you can use a topical anesthetic cream form. Also must take into account that the hyaluronic acid that is often used and adapted for this area has the added anesthetic, lidocaine, and therefore makes it a quick and virtually painless treatment.

¿What results can be achieved


The results are excellent right from the first session. It is an area that we should try to gradually and progressively, ie, we can not over- correct in the first session. Usually usually done one to two sessions, at most three. The results are excellent and patients are satisfied from the outset. Keep in mind that this area of the eyecup skin is very sensitive and thin and can leave some with puncture hematoma and / or edema the first few days after treatment, but we are talking to are reversible and transient side effects time.

¿How long does the treatment effect


The duration of the effect depends on the amount of product injected. As mentioned above, it is an area that we can not over- correct, ie, we do the treatment gradually and progressively to find that it is accurate dose to the patient. The duration also depends Product. The product we are using is not a highly crosslinked product because the skin is very thin, therefore, is a treatment that lasts depending on the combination of the two factors mentioned above. It is usually done one to two times a year to maintain optimal results.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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