Elevate and reshape the breast is possible with a mastopexy

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¿consisting mastopexy In


Mastopexy gets up and improve the shape of the breast. There vas techniques, such as:. Benelli periareolar mastopexy type that leaves a scar around the areola and vertically Lejour mastopexy kind that leaves a vertical scar and around the areola

¿What are the risks of surgery


The normal risks of any surgery, but perhaps his greatest risk is a bad scarring. Therefore care until the sixth month scarring and use the best techniques of suture to avoid bad scarring.

¿How long is the recovery after surgery


We recommend postoperative take between five and seven days off to recover more quickly and from there slowly start your usual activities. At 2 weeks a revision of scars is done, a suture is removed and from the third and fourth week we started to have a completely normal pace, you can even return to the sport.

¿ An mastopexy involves the placement of prosthesis


Mastopexy can be with or without prosthesis. If you just want to enhance and increase the placement of breast prostheses will not be necessary. Now, if in that missing volume breast prosthesis placement, preferably in submuscular be necessary.

¿What results can be expected after intervention


Mastopexy result is in all cases an elevation and an improvement in the shape of the breast.

¿Vary the size of the breast after breast lift


In the simple mastopexy breast size does not change, what varies is the form and the optical perception, since a high chest also seems more bulky. When you place a prosthesis to improve its shape and volume naturally so if you change the volume of the breast.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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