84% of Spaniards have suffered stress

Written by: Dr. Luis Napoleon Bolivar Mendoza
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Stress, one of the best known problems psychology , is an adaptive process that generates a quick and energetic to the demands of the situation in response to which the person faces, increasing its capacity to address them through stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) that are released into blood.

stress When a person is stressed, is activated at the cognitive level (lack of concentration, thoughts like "what if I'm late?"; Concerns as "What do I tell my boss if he gets angry with me?" Or anticipations such as " What if I get kicked from work and can not find another ?, How will I pay the mortgage? "), physiologically (increased heart rate, muscle tension that cause contractions, breathing, excessive sweating, digestive problems, dizziness, etc.) and behavioral level (faster movements, more fluent speech, eating, smoking and / or drinking in excess, avoidance of certain situations for fear of not being able to do them well, etc.).

Causes of stress

The causes of stress are varied, but the most common are: 66%, labor problems; followed by family problems, with 50%; health problems, with 31%; significant life events, with 29%; financial problems, with 27%; pressure on school performance, 19%; and traffic, with 12%.

How many people suffer stress

84% of Spaniards felt really stressed at some point in their life, while 28% of men and 39% of women felt stressed many times.

To suffer stress is serious health?

Stress itself is not harmful, it is not a disease, as long as we know handle. It is clear that a person is able to handle stress in the short term if then rest and recover (sleeping well, eating properly, avoiding excesses, doing sports, relaxing with friends and family or any leisure activity that we like). However, difficulties will resist prolonged exposure to intense pressure or difficult to control if this is sustained over time and a loss of sensation perceived control. When we suffer stress for months and even years, our performance in school or at work is reduced, increasing our negative emotions (anxiety, sadness, irritability, aggression, frustration, fatigue, etc.) and with them the risk of disease. When you have negative emotions have less tolerance to stressors and the person it affects most everything in general.

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By Dr. Luis Napoleon Bolivar Mendoza
Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Luis Napoleón Bolívar Mendoza is an expert in thoracic surgery. He has more than 10 years of experience in various prestigious institutions such as Clínica El Rosario .
He did a Specialty in Cardiothoracic Surgery .

Thanks to this, Dr. Bolivar Mendoza is recognized as one of the best specialists in thoracic surgery in Medellin.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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