Lifting effect without surgery: Do you focused ultrasound ?

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Published: | Updated: 25/11/2017
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¿What is focused ultrasound ?

Come focused ultrasound ultrasound devices as ultrasounds. Modern appliances get to focus all the energy of ultrasound in a point, and so allow retracting tissue. To this day was possible only in the body treatment, such as to reduce the volume of fat, but now for the first time we can use also for the facial and thereby get the retraction of the muscle.

¿, consisting in focused ultrasound treatment ?

Treatment is a technique minimally invasive known also as self- regenerative because it involves applying ultrasound, exactly 8,000 shots in the facial area of the jaw and neck for a few small points that make the muscle retraction. It is a treatment that is performed for about twenty to thirty minutes, no marking and is only mildly annoying because we noticed the punch ultrasound.

¿, In qu and are difference with focused ultrasound resp ecto other treatments


The difference is fundamental. For example, lasers act at the surface level of the skin; RF aa an average level, but for the first time thanks to focused ultrasound can act at a deeper level, ie reach the muscle. So far no non-invasive treatment could treat muscle. Only he could through a surgical facelift, but now focused ultrasound treatment achieved retract the muscle providing a similar result (not equal) to the traditional facelift, but without surgery.

¿safe is focused ultrasound treatment


It is absolutely safe. As the name suggests are only ultrasound, no substance is not injected. It's a technique that works for regeneration own self and there is no type of invasion. Everything is done at the surface level of the skin without incisions or surgery. Does not cause allergies or injuries. The only thing: is annoying and painful, and may be a residual pain for two or three days.

¿What results can be expected


The results can be obtained with focused ultrasound are moderate, at no time can be compared to a surgical facelift. With this treatment, tissue shrinkage is achieved, but not the tissue is cut. Represents an improvement that could not get so far, but the results are less clear compared to traditional surgical facelift.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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