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What is the lipolaser?

The lipolaser is a modern, safe and effective technique totally objectified get lower volumes and tension of the skin in a short time, quickly and with results. It is a treatment of short duration, lasting 1 hour and 1 hour and a half, however lasting very long-term effect. Treatment is by the action of a laser, under local anesthesia, we introduce a fine fiber laser which by its energy-heat action will produce a fluidization and dilution of fat tissue. That fat, fluidized naturally aspirating easily uniformly, unlike liposuction requiring a thicker, more traumatic, major side effects aspiration of course. And the second important action that produces the laser is the retraction of the skin avoiding possible alterations and sagging skin tension, that is, get volume reduction, skin tension and prevent sagging.


What effects can be achieved with the technique of lipolaser?

We correct the defects with the technique are basically lipolaser 2, the decrease in volume and sagging. Therefore, in all areas of the body where there is a predominance of localized fat that does not disappear before to general dietary treatments and therapies, that we can benefit from the action of lipolaser. Diluting and removing fat and skin retraction therefore areas where mostly dominates fat such as trocánteres, abdomen, flanks, arms, chin, knees ... all these areas that have accumulations of localized fat is where we mostly benefit from laser action with a result that can be programmed in a week, 10 days maximum.


How many sessions are needed? Are the results definitive?

This is one of the biggest advantages of using lipolaser treatment, the treatment is performed in a single session of 1 hour 1 hour and a half of treatment depending on the area. It is a single session only when we try to high volumes and large volumes, perhaps after 6 months you can make a small touch of that treatment. But usually a single session and then simply control sessions treatment, sewage treatment, is performed after such treatment. The result is absolutely definitive, what we do is after the dilution of fat is an aspiration of that tissue, tissue adipose is not restored, an adipose cell can increase in size, you can increase volume but can never increase number, and if we extract a certain number of cells in a particular area, it will never get that volume.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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