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Over the years it may show a loss of volume of our lips and the appearance of vertical wrinkles that form around the mouth, better known as bar code.

Each patient requires a prior trial and after this individualized and comprehensive analysis of each lip, the professional aesthetic medicine administering treatment of hyaluronic acid to enhance the patient's lips. Before starting treatment, it is necessary for the physician to perform cosmetic cleansing facial treatment area.

The lip filling is the use of small thickness microcannulas (needle like), which is performed quickly without pain and bruises, it requires no anesthesia, by injecting outside the area perilabial. Are being dealt with according to individual needs of each patient, the structures of the lip that want to enhance or increase, prior consensus with the patient or. The patient must be aware that the first day, the lip swells. The results obtained after the operation are extremely natural and, after a month, the retouching is valued.

 Implants filled with hyaluronic acid are immediate, since the injected substance fills wrinkles. The effect of hyaluronic acid usually lasts about 9-12 months, depending on various factors such as age, the quality of the skin, etc.. Therefore, after year, often require new applications.

For wrinkles barcode, they are held from 2 to 3 sessions in an interval of 15 days between each session, alternating with the new hyaluronic acid atherocollagen hydrolyzate, which does not require pretesting of allergies, hypersensitivity except known to collagen (switch hydration and firmness skin regeneration).


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