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When talking about breast surgery, people immediately think of the increase in breast size. However, there are surgeries not only for breast enhancement, but also to reduce or embellish. & ldquo;Obviously there are different types of surgeries: rise, lift, reduction and reconstruction are the basic. However, each patient has a completely personalized indication, and that is so because it is very difficult to find both a woman's breasts are fully symmetrical&rdquo explains ;, Dr. Vicente Paloma Mora, a specialist at the national and international level in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive. According to the doctor, there are two groups of distinct persons seeking breast augmentation:“girls aged 18 to 25 years than those not developed their chests and women between 35 and 45 years who have had children and have lost volume and smoothness breast&rdquo ,.

Moving qui operating room...

Surgery breast does not usually involve major risks:“All you can worry us is that a capsular contracture ( feeling that your chest is harder to the touch than normal ) or a prosthetic rupture appears (which, with the prosthesis current is extremely rare ), says Dr. pigeonpalomapaloma. And, as a rule, are operations that do not normally complications, although it must be borne in mind that, like any operation, require pre and post assessment. & ldquo; entire process from the operation until you can lead a normal life without effort, lasts about four days. And, in a month, you can already do perfectly normal life&rdquo ;, adds the doctor.

Breast Implants

Recent news on the possibility of the PIP ( Poly Implant Prothese ) prosthesis may be harmful has led many women are interested in the different types of implants are. & ldquo, The most used prostheses are silicone gel high cohesiveness, which can be round or anatomical, according to the result that the patient seeking. Those are the ones you have to use&rdquo says Dr. ;,. Vicente Paloma.

If you wear dentures PIP....

& ldquo, The Ministry of Health advice is that women with PIP implants come to your surgeon to carry more checks coming. My personal advice is that, without haste, go&rdquo planned replacement ;, explains Dr.. Paloma.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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