Feminization surgery

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For any woman is relatively easy today proposed entering the OR, but¿happens when, for whatever reason, someone has decided in a man's body as much as possible to look like a biological woman


¿, consisting in the feminization surgery


One type of complex process we call“Feminization&rdquo, which may take many years in some cases and evidently at high cost. The process of feminization is an appropriate plan for each patient in order to feminize facial features and body contouring.

A medical study indicating the potential, according to each patient can be treated from the most simple to the more complex is performed. Generally, treatment of feminization begins early with psychological and hormonal studies, then follow the most obvious changes. They may be permanent or resorbable injectable fillers to smooth or angular shape areas of the face and body. O also canthopexy lower eyelids to tear his eyes a little, although the most common could be the raising of eyebrows.

basic surgery is the extraction of the thyroid cartilage to smooth walnut Adan. You can always make use of the cheekbones and chin implants with dentures or fillings.

Other common problems are the entries that are made early in the front area so a zetaplastia the hairy region of this region shortens the distance from the hairline and forehead.

plastic surgery, the operations most commonly performed might be undoubtedly breast augmentation and liposuction for both women and men. Of course a major surgeries is breast augmentation and Rinomodelación.

Anything less recurrent but with a great result is the buttock augmentation with prosthesis or threads and / or autologous fat used in a previous liposculpture areas. They could talk about the removal of ribs 11 and 12 to form the best area of ​​the lower back and waist, while the Sexual reasignacon will in many cases the end of this long road ahead.

¿What results can esperarar


In a high percentage if this feminization process is started at the right time, the results are amazing and would be virtually impossible for the naked eye to notice this change.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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