Advances in breast augmentation: an implant for every woman

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Published: | Updated: 11/11/2017
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Breast cosmetic surgery has evolved considerably allowing us to breast surgeons to achieve excellent results.

Currently there are many factors that help us get good results with minimum risk to the patient. But some factors developed in recent years have allowed greater evolution in the results:

subfascial implant Placement

We have years perfecting placement of prosthesis in subfascial plane via periareolar, axillary or submammary with anatomical prosthesis getting more natural results. Until a few years ago we were limited to the submuscular placement, but getting a good result at rest sometimes showed a breast deformity to getting pectoral muscle, or subglandular placement, where the gland desinsertabas muscle fascia gland losing the anchor to the fascia sometimes giving artificial results.


In our practice we have Biodynamics a computer system in which the patient providing measurements can determine the ideal patient for each function of your chest and breasts prosthesis. The Biodynamics system is accompanied by a silicone simulators allow the patient to try on your body as the result will be a function of the prosthesis chosen. The Biodynamics system not only helps the patient but is also an excellent aid for the surgeon to understand the wishes of the patient before choosing a prosthesis.

System Biodimensional

good results in breast augmentation not only depend on good surgical training, experience and previous breast aesthetic surgery patient status, but it is also important to have adaptive prosthesis to the need and desires of the patient.

For many years we have the biodimensional system that allows us to select the implant individually specified based on height, weight and body shape. A choice of 12 different types in three different heights and with 4 different projections with different bases depending on the patient's chest.

Each implant is anatomical form giving a more natural look in their shape and weight distribution. These combined with the cohesive gel soft and subfascial placement in features, when possible, allows us to get BEST RESULTS not just in form but also in touch. If in addition we give the patient the chance to know you can expect prior to surgery with the system I think biodynamics also greatly diminish patient anxiety before surgery.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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