Increase of single mothers by choice

Written by: Dr. Alejandro León Uribe
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Baby According to the Spanish Fertility Society, 1,500 women decide to become mothers every year solo. This is one of the new models of the family who are born with the incorporation of women into the workplace. They are single women who decide to have children, usually through processes of adoption and assisted reproduction.

According to a study by the University of Seville, are women between 35 and 45 years, with highly qualified employees employed and economic and safety. Usually people with great self-confidence and able to reconcile their family and professional life.


Profile of mothers

Single mothers by choice attending a consultation of Assisted Reproduction are emotionally mature women and mothers choose to be fully aware and convinced of it. They have reached a critical point where, having achieved many goals they want to live the experience of being mothers, not having partner. In addition, they are independent in every way and not feel afraid to face motherhood alone. Nor they have taboos when it comes to communicate their decision to their immediate environment.


Fertility treatments

To help women who want to be mothers, Zygos have sperm banks from anonymous donors and all kinds of assisted reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination with donor sperm or in vitro fertilization.

For effective treatment, if every woman is studied and a specific treatment is recommended, from realism and always making clear in advance that the success of these processes depends on various factors such as age or health status. In any case, if the pregnancy is not achieved on the first attempt, we recommend repeating the cycle.

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Dr. Alejandro León Uribe

By Dr. Alejandro León Uribe

Dr. Alejandro León Uribe is an outstanding Psychologist, His wide experience makes them a Doctor of First Level.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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