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The health of our skin depends largely on what we ingest through diet.

Proper nutrition has effects on our overall health, which is going to be reflected in our skin, hair and nails. Most of the active ingredients of nutritional origin that may have a protective role in the skin are more heavily on plant foods. The fruit, especially berries, taken whole, avoiding juice is excellent for providing an estimable variety of vitamins and minerals.
Another way to ingest nutrients is through supplements used to complete the daily nutrient requirement.
Some nutrients function as antioxidants to prevent or retard oxidative damage;like Beta -carotene, which also protect us from the formation of sunspots and control acne-prone skin. Others, such as vitamins, plus antioxidants are regenerating, Vitamin C is an antioxidant, favorable to the formation of collagen, the Vitamin E, protects us from oxidation we the sun produces and restores dry skin and rough. The B vitamins retain moisture in the skin and improving desinflaman cutaneous aging.
minerals and trace elements are very necessary for the repair and growth of the skin, nails and hair.
The Selenium protects against sun damage, the copper and silicon favor the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The zinc works by regulating the production of sebum, acne- controlling fat and skin.
Also there are other actions that involved favoring cutaneous health, such as physical activity, rest well and protect against sun damage. The sun should take 15 minutes a day without protection to promote the synthesis of vitamin D. Exercise increases respiratory rate allowing the contribution of oxygen, essential nutrient for cells. Good rest helps detoxification which in turn promotes optimal cellular metabolism.
Above all a diversified and seasonal food, enough protein, and fat in addition to carbohydrates low glycemic load, ie, few sugars and refined flours, prefer whole foods like bread, rice, pasta etc.
Proteins that contain all the necessary amino acids, iron and B vitamins, such as fish, eggs and meat.
Fats, especially Omega 3, found in fish and flaxseed. Your body needs them for cell regeneration, as part of the new
The silica, has also improves the tensile strength of hair, including elasticity and load before rompedura, resulting in thicker hair. We can find silicon infusions ponytail.
Fish and seafood provide us zinc, iodine and selenium.
A good, practical option is the yeast, rich in B vitamins, we can take daily in salads.
Raw vegetables of various colors and berries provide antioxidants that help restore skin.
Nuts, contains healthy fats especially nuts containing selenium.

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 Redacción de Topdoctors

By Redacción de Topdoctors

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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