Tummy tuck or Lipectomy

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The abdominoplasty, also called lipectomy of the abdomen, is a surgical procedure whose purpose is to remove the patient the excess skin and fat from the middle - lower abdomen, strengthening musculature of the abdominal wall. The abominoplastia is it recommended for people after diet and exercise fail to lower the volume of your abdomen, or, in the opposite case, have undergone significant weight loss or pregnancy and abdominal skin was become too flaccid, lax. The overall appearance is usually an excessive volume of the abdomen that sometimes resting on the pubis -what is colloquially called"faldon"- and flanks that protrude and hang above the belt line. These fat deposits can also be removed with a small liposuction during surgical intervention.

¿intervention consisting in abdominoplasty


For reconstruction abdomen, first performed the extraction of fat and excess skin, and then called plication of the rectus muscles is practiced. This procedure involves tightening the abdominal muscles that have become distended after pregnancy or other causes. Then, he turns to superimpose the remaining skin is tightened and fixed on the abdomen, and an incision is made on the inner loop to create a navel navel skin"New"the height of the"New"waist. Finally, we proceed to the closure of the sutures. Thus, you get a harder and firmer abdominal wall and a slimmer waist.

There are several surgical techniques to practice according to the gravity abdominoplasty to present every patient: Sometimes a vertical incision is made from the navel to where the pubic hair starts, or too hip to hip below the bikini line as the case;and when abdominoplasty is simpler, only the cut is made horizontally across the pelvis ( miniabdominoplastia ).

Abdominoplasty required in all cases general anesthesia, and postoperative beginning for bandage that the patient should take for a week. Then, such protection is replaced by a band that has to be day and night while pass, at least three more weeks.

¿What results can be expected from the intervention of abdominoplasty


During the first week after the operation, it is normal to feel tightness and tension in the abdomen, and during the first months is quite normal also notice some numbness and swelling. Gradually, with the passage of time, a final result is achieved. This is not fully reached until after one year after the operation.

Regarding scar, given cutting has been made on the pubis, a standard or a bikini panty low&ndash not, or in the case of men one conventionally underwear slip or help to hide the scar with no problem. In addition to the expertise of the surgeon, the patient's healing ability is very important and if evolution is correct, the trace that remains after the realization of a tummy tuck will, in most cases, a discrete line hidden under clothing that time is disappearing.

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