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Doctors who accept health insurance Allianz

Dr. Víctor Jesús Rivera Rivera

Eczema , Asthma , Allergic rhinitis , Atopic dermatitis allergic , Allergic Urticaria , Immunotherapy


Doctors who DO NOT accept Allianz

Dr. Alberto De Zubiría Salgado


Asthma , Allergic rhinitis , Allergy to insect bites , Allergic Urticaria , Atopic dermatitis allergic ,


Dra. Isabel Cristina Moribe

Allergic rhinitis , Allergic conjunctivitis , Asthma , Atopic dermatitis allergic , Food Allergy , Allergic Urticaria


Dr. Daniel Helmfelt


Allergic contact dermatitis , Atopic dermatitis allergic , Allergic rhinitis , Food Allergy , Asthma , Eating Disorders


Dr. Daniel Amaya


Allergic rhinitis , Asthma , Atopic dermatitis allergic , Urticaria , Immunotherapy , Patch tests


Dr. Hernán Córdoba Mejía

Allergy to dust mites, pollen, fungi , Drug Allergy ,



Dr. Carlos Fernando Chinchilla Mejía

Allergic rhinitis , Allergic Sinusitis ,


Dra. María del Rosario López de Roux

Asthma , Food Allergy , Atopic dermatitis allergic ,


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